Starting from NikonPC preview (one by one), I made a little script to automate:

  • selection of a single picture control
  • downloading the modified preview image

Target is a gallery with ALL the previews in order to choose the preferred/best one for the photo.

Two methods: one to update the preview, another one to force a file download.

The Script

function updatePreview(index)
js('imgPreview').onReady('onLoad', function() {
    var elmFileList = js('selFileList').elm;
    if (!elmFileList) {
        console.log("elmFileList " + index);
        return false
    elmFileList.selectedIndex = index;
    var src = this.elm.src;
    this.elm = new Image();
    js(this.elm).addEvent('load', function() {
    }, false);
    this.elm.src = src;

function forceDownload(index)
    var link = document.createElement('a');
    link.href = $("#cLutImage")[0].toDataURL("image/png");  = 'Download' + index + '.png';    

function main(index)

How to launch:

  • Open
  • Press F12
  • Inside JS Console
    • Paste the above code
    • input main(X), where X is an available Picture Control in the page. i.e. main(4)
    • press Enter
  • DownloadX.png modified file will be downloaded