Rename Visual Studio Window Title

When you have a lot of different solution to work on, on the same time:

Visual Studio Extension: Customize Visual Studio Window Title

Support for VS 2010 onwards

Just open Tools --> Options  --> Rename VS Window Title and set something like [parent:2]\[solutionName] (there are other optional settings)

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Json Test Helpers

Create an HTML file containing this code and open it from the web browser:

<style>iframe{height: 50%;width: 100%;}</style><iframe name='1' src=''></iframe><iframe name='2' src='' ></iframe>

A Json sample:

{"firstName":"John", "lastName":"Doe"},
{"firstName":"Anna", "lastName":"Smith"},
{"firstName":"Peter", "lastName":"Jones"}

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Hide images from WhatsApp Web interface

All the thumbnails will be removed and your privacy will be preserved!

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Enable log in Mysql (for investigation)

SET global general_log = 1;
SET global log_output = 'file';

show variables;

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The curious case of updating a value

The issue, described below is very strange when you find it, because it works only in MySql.

In MySql the update keeps track of the order of the parameters updated. So while for any known DBMS when you update a field computed considering another one (i.e. set A = 10, B = A...) the value of A and B are calculated starting from the original value for each update in MySql as soon as you update a field, this new value will be used instead of the original.

Besides this you can use the order clause to specify HOW update the values.


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Find Cycle in Formula

Tempo fa per lavoro ho dovuto creare una procedura che trovasse un ciclo/loop all'interno di una serie di formule. Qualcosa che Excel risolve in maniera abbastanza semplice. In C# creare una struttura dati (albero o lista linkata) è altrettanto semplice ma volevo anche avere un esempio in una pagina web e quindi perchè non usare il caro vecchio JavaScript nativo?

Update: ho trovato una libreria/servizio che genera grafi(ci) a partire da una querystring: Gravizo digraph G {a -> b -> c; a -> c -> d -> a; }


Qua sotto invece una immagine statica.


L'algoritmo di base era su StackOverflow

Find Cycle in Formula


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Massive Spam Delete on Wordpress

I found a lot (A LOT) of spam comments on Wordpress recently and decided to get rid of them easily.

Solution 1: from the WP backend

This solution is not reasonable because at the moment any bulk operation on the Db from the application generally cause a timeout. Akismet itself (the plugin which choose what is spam and what is not) has no such feature and installing SOMETHING to REMOVE other stuff is quite crazy imho.

So I decided to create a procedure on Database side, checking also the MySQL performance against such an operation.


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Custom Map Manager



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