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Json2jsx (EN)

After infinite lines of code and after losing time repeating the same stesp (create folder, create jsx file, create css file…) for every React component, I wondered “why not optmizing these miner’s tasks with a single script?. And so json2jsx was born, a translator of data into components (json viemodel -> react component)

The assumption is based on the fact that generally every view model in json can be almost entirely remapped into a single or multiple UI components.

After the first usage I wanted to use the same functionalities in other projects, apart from the command line mode. So I asked myself “Why don’t you bundle everything inside a NPM module?”. So the script became: a github repo and then a node package.

At the moment the tools is working but it will be enhance soonish, at the same time I’m evaluating if:

Creating a NPM package is quite simple, it is enough to create an account on the npm portal and then publish che master branch of the repo with the npm publish command.

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